Trehalose dihydrate

CAS NO: 6138-23-4

Purity: 98%

Grade: Food Grade

Certifications: BRC, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP

Standard: GB/T 23529-2009, FCC 9, FAO/WHO JECFA

Packaging: 20kg/bag

Min Order: 100kg



Molecular formula

C12H22O11 • 2H2O

Trehalose content (dry basis)/%


Loss on drying/%


Ignition residue/%


Optical rotation














Total Plate Count(cfu/g)


Molds and yeasts(cfu/g)


About trehalose
Trehalose is a type of sugar made up by two molecules of glucose and having the capacity to serve as a source of energy due to its high rate of retailing water, making it a useful ingredient in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Trehalose has always been known to man but its prohibitive cost of extraction made basically dormant. In 2000, a Japanese company perfected an inexpensive way to extract Trehalose from starch and this changed the course of Trehalose.

Sugar is so intertwined with life

Bear, rotifers, such as insects, insect selaginella plants, are some of the living things that are able to survive in the harsh environment, such as desert, due to having Trehalose in the body. According to many researches and experiments, Trehalose can protect animal and plant cells and proteins do not cold, do not dry up. And it in insect body fluids, the energy can be used as a kind of flying. Thus, Trehalose is an important player in life.

The trehalose in nature

Trehalose is found in mushrooms, accounting for more than 20% of the unit dry weight. Yeast has similar content, this coming through fermented foods such as bread, beer, extract Trehalose, beans, shrimp, and seaweed.


Our factories passed ISO, HACCP, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL certificates. And assisted our business partners in completing BPR registration to provide a better service for customers in Europe.

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